How to identify your TV card

The software method


At the command prompt type pcidevices

Look for a line containing the word Multimedia e.g. 11 1 8 1 Multimedia device

Using the first number, (in the above example, 11) type pciinfo <number>

Now look for the line Device ID : 0878  or Device ID : 7134

The number indicates the chip type, 0878 for the earlier Conexant chip and 7134 for the later Philips chip.

The hardware method


Look at the card! With the external connections to your left and the PCI bus connections towards the bottom, look at the chip in the bottom right hand corner of the PCI card.

BT878 SAA7134



Looking at the retail packaging is not a foolproof method of identifying which type of chip has been used on the card inside the box!

If you have a TV card which reports any other number, then please get in touch.

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